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Data Protection

Your trust is important to us. Global Biologics Industries S.L. takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and complies with all data protection regulations. Personal data is collected, processed and used only when the person concerned has given their consent, when the data is necessary for the conclusion of a contract or when a law permits or prescribes the collection, processing or use of the data.

Data processing on the websites

Personal data is collected to the extent that is technically necessary. Under no circumstances is the data forwarded to third parties without the consent of those concerned. The following statements give you an overview of how Global Biologics Industries S.L. guarantees this protection and also an overview of the type of data that is collected, processed or used on the websites and to which purpose.


Global Biologics Industries S.L. automatically collects and stores some of the information usually transferred by the browser in their server log files, so far as your browser makes this data available. This data cannot be connected with specific persons by Global Biologics Industries S.L. This data is not combined with other data sources.


Our websites occasionally use cookies when you visit them. Cookies are text files which are filed on your computer and saved by your browser. The purpose of these is to make our service and offer user-friendly, effective and safe. Passwords are not deposited in cookies. Most of the cookies we use are so-called session cookies. They are automatically reset as soon as you log out. After you have ended the session by closing your browser, the cookie is saved for a certain amount of time and is subsequently overwritten or deleted by the client. Our cookies do not cause damage to your computer and contain no viruses.


On our websites, data is collected and stored in an anonymized form by web-controlling technology solely for the purpose of optimization. This data is used to create user profiles under a pseudonym. Cookies can also be used for this purpose; however the data is collected and stored solely in anonymized form. The data is not used to personally identify the visitors to the website and it is not combined with data via the bearer of the pseudonym. No personal data is stored. The user’s IP address is made unrecognizable and does not enable any conclusions regarding the visitor to this website.

Collection, processing and use of personal data

So that we can send you the publications or newsletters presented on the website that you ordered, we request your name, your address and your email address by means of an order form. This data is stored and used solely for the purpose of sending you the desired information. It is not forwarded or passed on to third parties. By entering your data (name, address, email address) in the form, you give us your consent to store and to use the data to send you the information. The personal data you enter to receive the newsletter is stored until you cancel the subscription.

Right to data and further information

You have the right to receive information on the data stored about your person, the recipients thereof and the purpose of the data processing. Furthermore, we are available to answer your questions about the collection, processing and use of your personal data. Should you require information that this declaration of data protection cannot provide or should you desire further information regarding a certain point, please contact Global Biologics Industries S.L. data protection supervisor. You can find Global Biologics Industries S.L. address in the legal notice.

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